Sinyar and Al Faisal Tower, Doha, Qatar took advantage of reduced heat of hydration

Raft foundation of Sinyar Tower under construction

Mass Concrete pours require POZZOCRETE to reduce the temperature resulting from heat of hydration especially at already high ambient temperatures.The 227 m high Sinyar and Al Faisal Tower made use of the special heat reducing feature of POZZOCRETE. Good pumpability of POZZOCRETE concrete was another of the required features.


Pozzocrete Project Gallery

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ISI Standard Mark awarded to DIRK India for production of AMBUJA HiRise

On 12th November 2012 the Bureau of Indian Standards granted the licence to DIRK India to use the ISI Standard Mark for their product AMBUJA HiRise.

Product Details:

Portland pozzolana cement part 1 Fly Ash based

IS No. 1489:Part 1: 1991

Type/Variety:Portland pozzolana cement, fly ash based.


DIRK India manufactures Ambuja HiRise Cement under license of Ambuja Cements Limited.



POZZO is the product group mark under which a variety of Flyash products are categorized. To find out more click on the picture.

Dirk TECFIL are quality assured cenospheres. This product has a wide variety of applications and uses. To find out more about the product and its applications click on the picture.

Ambuja HiRise Cement

Ambuja HiRise is an interblended cement of AMBUJA OPC and DIRK Pozzocrete especially designed to fulfill all requirements of High Performance Concrete. To find out more: click on the bag image

Rhenipal is the Dirk Groups cost effective and most of all safe approach to stabilisation of contaminated soils and other slurrys. To find out more click on the picture.

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