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Dirk Laboratories

The Dirk Laboratories are fully equipped for the testing and evaluation of the physical and chemical parameters of fly ash specified in the Indian standard (IS 3812), European standard (EN 450), British Standard (BS 3892) and the American standard (ASTM 618).

The following physical and chemical properties are measured in the factory laboratories:

Physical properties 

 ·  Fineness by Blaine’s Permeability method

·   Fineness by Retention on 45 micron sieve – Wet sieving

·   Lime Reactivity

·   Moisture Content

·   Soundness by Autoclave expansion

·   Strength factor – Compressive strength at 28 days

·   Initial and Final Setting time

·   Water requirement


Chemical properties

·   Loss on Ignition (Un-burnt carbon content)

·   Silica plus Alumina plus Fe2O3 content

·   Silica content

·   Reactive Silica content

·   MgO content

·   Sulphuric Anhydride (SO3) content

·   Na2O content

·   Total Chlorides

·   Calcium Oxide content

·   Free Calcium Oxide content

Concrete permeability

·   Rapid Chloride Permeability Test (RCPT)

·   Water Permeability Test