The free delivery of fly ash for the Nashik POZZOCRETE plant was to be provided by  the Maharashtra State Electricity Board who unfortunately did not provide this facility. As a consequence manual dry fly ash collection had to be organized by DIRK India at its own cost. Consequently not all ash of this power station could be collected manually although the DIRK India plant has the capacity to deal with all Nashik fly ash. The power generator also permitted ash traders to collect ash manually from the Electrostatic Filters of the power station.  Their handling became a great concern to the neighboring population and the farming industry resulting into an avalanche of complaints requesting the power generator and the authorities to stop this and to provide all fly ash only to the professional ash processing plant of DIRK India.  Some steps  to eliminate the environmental disaster were undertaken by the courts, the Maharashtra State Pollution Board and the District Collector of Nashik, but still the problem has not been resolved. Legal proceedings are pending.

The following film produced by a local environmental film maker group for an international environmental film festival provides a glimpse of the problem.


To provide a clean environment in and around the DIRK POZZOCRETE plant is topping  the agenda of our Corporate Social Responsibilities. We are proud to have achieved this. We share the commercial results of our work with the Indian society around our plant and in Nashik by sponsoring environmental activities, contributing to the good work of the Nashik Run,  an annual event supporting the underprivileged and needy in the Nashik District, supporting local festivities and events.

The DIRK POZZOCRETE plant has its own union, the  DIRK INDIA Private Limited Internal Union. Union and management created a positive cooperation. The company is providing income for a work population of more than 500 people.