Benefits of using POZZOCRETE™ in concrete

POZZOCRETE™ is a product whose time has come in India. POZZOCRETE™ will give an already knowledgeable construction industry the means to produce better, stronger and more durable concrete.

POZZOCRETE™ can be used in almost all types of concrete from mortar and plaster to high strength, high resistance concrete.

POZZOCRETE™ is a product of the combustion of pulverised coal in thermal power stations. Because of the unique nature of its creation it has unique properties to offer when used in concrete.

Each particle of POZZOCRETE™ is a glassy sphere of minute size (less than 50µ) of almost pure silica. Because of this it can benefit both fresh and hardened concrete.

The main benefits in concrete are:

1)    Improved Workability

2)    Improved Durability

3)    Reduced Heat of Hydration

4)    Setting time

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