01.01.11 UKIERI Concrete Congress : Concrete for 21st Century Construction

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

The Congress will aim to address new developments in concrete and construction and their role in responding, within the framework of appropriate, innovative and sustainable use of materials, to the rapid growth in the national...

24.12.10 ICRA the Moody associated rating agency rated DIRK India as A3+







The excellent performance and prudent management of DIRK India was awarded with the A3+ rating in December 2010.

The rating - important for investors - and corporate finance provides a good base for the expansion...

17.11.10 Bhopal Fly Ash Seminar a successful demonstration how to benefit from Fly Ash

Dr. Navrotam Mishra, Hon. Minister for Housing, Law and Judiciary addressing the conference.

Now Fly Ash - the waste of coal fired Power Stations – is converted at Mandideep near Bhopal into an environmentally friendly cement replacement also in Madhya Pradesh.

Dirk India Private Ltd and the Maharashtra Fly Ash...

31.10.10 20 new container trucks on service to bring containers to the Mumbai ports

On 25th October 2010 DIRK India took delivery of 20 brand new container vehicles for the inland transport of containers from the Nashik POZZOCRETE plant to the Mumbai ports.

The dedicated fleet under the control of the DIRK...

20.10.10 Fly Ash Seminar for Madhya Pradesh in Bhopal, India

The Maharashtra Fly Ash Information Center, Dirk Group and DIRK POZZOCRETE (MP) Ltd are organizing a Fly Ash Seminar in Bhopal on 17th November 2010. The Seminar will focus on the advantage of using Fly Ash as partial cement...

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