22.03.10 New BULKtainer transport system developed and introduced by DIRK India

DIRK BULKtainer unit in service.

Transport by rail (being the most environmentally friendly land transport facility) is difficult without a functioning rail/road interface. POZZOCRETE demand in long distances from its processing plant (s) is increasing. To...

05.03.10 'Bura na mano Holi hai'. (please don't take any offence for it is Holi).

Dr, Ivana Dirk and the Nashik Indira Nagar office crew in Holi mood

Dirk Indira Nagar office staff had some fun at the Festival of Colours. But don't worry, tomorrow is business as usual.

14.02.10 DIRK India supports the Rickshaw Run 2010 helping the underpriveleged in India

The pictures show the DIRK POZZOCRETE  Team at start and (in slightly worn out conditions, but happy) after passing the Gantok finishing line.

By end of March a group of enthusiasts have organized a rickshaw rally starting from Cochin, Kerala and ending in Gantok, Sikkim. The aim of this run is to accumulate funds to help the charity organizations MercyCorps and Frank...

06.02.10 POZZOCRETE 100 replacing Silica Fume in High Performance Concrete

With construction becoming increasingly competitive, ambitious and having to build in ever more aggressive conditions, for example in the Gulf states and the Middle/Far East countries, it is not surprising that design engineers...

05.01.10 Burj Khalifa (formerBurj Dubai) stands proud on POZZOCRETE foundations

The tower, previously known as 'Burj Dubai', was renamed 'Burj Khalifa' and its final height was revealed as 828 metres, a good 300 metres taller than the previous record holder.

The announcement was made in front of thousands...

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