DIRK tecfilTM hollow ceramic microspheres reduce the weight and cost of cast resins while increasing rigidity, stability and thermal insulation. The high strength of tecfilTM allows it to be used in high shear applications such as injection moulding and smc.

DIRK tecfilTM produces easy to handle, non-slump putties which facilitate accurate lay up of glass fibre by filling potential air traps around stringers and undercuts etc. DIRK tecfilTM also provides an easy to sand surfacing compound for woven roving laminates or repair compounds. Hollow spheres reduce clogging compared to conventional fillers. Sealing plastic foam cores with tecfilTM prior to laminating improves shear strength and eliminates tendency to delaminate due to expansion of trapped air during exotherm. TecfilTM fills and supports bond lines acting as a lightweight gap filler.

DIRK provides advice to its clients on the formulation of compounds containing cenospheres. John E. Dower has joined the DIRK team to provide the important link between resin manufacturers and the end-users of the composite formulations. DIRK, as consultants, will develop innovative applications of these compounds. Please contact us for assistance.

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