First Cenosphere processing plant in India

Cenospheres are  Pulverised Fuel Ash Particles from coal fired power stations, which will float on the surface of Fly Ash disposal lagoons.

Using a certain technique these “Floaters” are harvested from the lagoon surface. Traditionally these harvested materials had been exported from India for processing to a range of filler products outside India. Only after processing the Floaters become a valuable product.

To keep the main value creation inside India DIRK has erected inside the Fly Ash processing plant at Nashik  two buildings housing the storage area for floaters and the processing plant consisting of  dryers and state of the art screening machines. Floaters from more than  30 lagoons of various Indian Power Generators with which DIRK has to a large extend exclusive harvesting contracts are collected and stored separately  to be either mixed in fixed ratio or treated separately for specific applications.

Through direct fire drying all combustible contamination is eliminated. By screening, the right particle size of the resulting Tecfil product is achieved.

The raw material is quality controlled after harvesting by our raw material  manager as contamination with normal Fly Ash can not be tolerated. Our central laboratories at the Nashik plant (who have Indian Standard certification)  supervise the physical and chemical quality of the Tecfil products.