About DIRK India Private Ltd

DIRK India Private Ltd was formed by the UK DIRK-GROUP in 2000 and was positioned until August 2011 under the roof of MILBANK Ltd as final holding company owned by G. Dirk (chairman of Dirk Group).Since September 2011 the company became a subsidiary of Ambuja Cement Ltd., Mumbai.

In 2001 the company obtained a 30 year contract for the exclusive recycling of all Pulverized Fuel Ash (PFA) from Nashik Thermal Power Station belonging to the Maharashtra State Electricity Board in Mumbai, India.

Nashik Thermal Power Station is using indigenous coal and has by this a stable coal source. The coal combustion results in the production of approx. 2400 ts of PFA a day. Dirk India has undertaken to build a plant and recycle the PFA into DIRK POZZOCRETE (a partial cement replacement product). The plant is built in stages, reached in 2002 a fly ash handling capacity of more than 5000 tons/day. In 2004 a processing capacity of 1000 ts POZZOCRETE per day was realized . In 2006 the installed processing capacity reached 2500 ts/day. Investment into add on process are continuing.

As a result of an intensive and costly 3 year marketing campaign Fly Ash as cement replacement in concrete has gained wide recognition in India and in the whole region. DIRK India’s production and sales are increasing sharply in an attempt to satisfy the demand.

The POZZOCRETE project had been planned by the Government of Maharashtra, Georg Dirk and the MSEB to be the igniting spark to trigger the recycling of Fly Ash in Maharashtra and India and to generate savings in concrete production, improve the quality of concrete, save scarce water resources which are required in vast volumes to operate Fly Ash lagoons which are occupying valuable arable land. The use of POZZOCRETE minimises the production of cement which is connected to emission of 1 ton CO2 per ton of cement produced.

The total investment in the project has now reached 46 cr.  After two years of start up losses, the company was in profit.

Further projects in other Indian States are under consideration.

At the heart of the enterprise is a group of dedicated employees driving the success. Initial training was done by a team of European experts in this field of technology. The company gets its direction from its chairman Georg Dirk. Key members of staff and their contact details can be found here.