Information about the Dirk Group

Mission Statement

To make economical use of the resources of our planet, maintain a sustainable environment and preserve our future - after all this is our home.

True to our mission ideals we will endeavour to pursue environmentally friendly methods. All our recycling technologies centre on this idea, and our organisation and our offices reflect this.

The Dirk Group is a specialist company developing and implementing new technologies for the recycling of industrial by-products.

It focuses  on power and water industry related by-products. Strategic alliances are in place with major power generators.

Apart from these sectors, paper and plastic recycling industries have also been targeted.

Dirk is developing new recycling methods utilising its team of in-house experts whilst networking with a multitude of European research establishments. Once a new recycling system has been developed, implemented and tested the industrial scale application is handed over to experienced subcontractors.

 The research facilities and human resources of the Dirk Group include:

• Biology,

• Bio-Chemistry,

• Process Engineering,

• Mechanical Engineering

• Physics

• Market Research

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