Production Facilities

Caption: Dirk facilities in Nashik. (Please click to enlarge image)

To produce dependably consistent concrete of high quality and durability; it is accepted that only the finer particles of the fly ash produced from Power Station combustion can be used. Indeed, in some of the Thermal Power Stations in India, the finest material – arising from the final banks of electro-static precipitators – is collected for use. The problem with this method of collection is that this material is still potentially variable due to many causes within the generation process and more importantly – it wastes the largest volume of fly ash which then goes for disposal.

Power station fly ash output varies in grade due to the inconsistent combustion process. To produce consistent product quality Dirk uses a custom built mechanical twin drive air separator in the processing. A far greater percentage of the fly ash can be collected and bagged for use as POZZOCRETE™ – which will then carry the guarantee of consistency and performance.

After extensive testing of the chemical and physical properties of the raw product, Dirk has established that the fly ash produced in India is as good a product as can be found worldwide, the fly ash produced from the burning of the vast reserves of indigenous coal, is consistent and perfectly suited for processing to release this major untapped resource for use in construction.

Processing the fly ash to produce POZZOCRETE™ involves accelerating the material at high speed to separate the finer material from the coarse, this, followed by extensive sampling and testing then results in a stream of consistently fine material which can be stored for onward despatch either in bags or by bulk tanker to concrete producers at their sites or production units.