An impact-damaged sphere - 40 micron diameter with 1.5 micron shell.

What are Cenospheres?

Cenospheres are hollow vitreous spheres arising as a small proportion of the waste ashes from certain coal-burning power stations. When disposal of the fuel ash is by means of settlement lagoons, cenospheres collect on the surface and are known as "floaters". Their shell thickness is about 5% of the diameter.

Floater deposits on fly ash lagoons can create difficult environmental problems which DIRK is equipped to resolve by converting "floaters" into cenospheres.

DIRK harvests cenospheres from fly ash lagoons worldwide; providing a service to the power generating industry whilst producing a high performance filler.

Cenospheres are an excellent replacement for other fillers such as glass spheres, calcium carbonate, clays, talc and other silica.